Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Film Application

On Friday I have my interview with the faculty in the film department. I have to go into a room with a long table full of about 12 faculty with clipboards and answer their questions. It is pretty intimidating, especially since it will be my last chance to be accepted. I feel more confident, but at the same time, there is more on the line this time around. After this, I can't reapply.

If I don't get in, I really don't know what I will do. Film is the only thing that really interests me as I look down the list of majors offered by BYU. When thinking about reasons I want to go into film, these come to mind:
  • I feel like I can make a different through this medium
  • I am amazed at the power film has to inform, inspire, and encourage people to act
  • I enjoy every aspect of filmmaking that I've been involved in and I know I can be happy working in film for the rest of my life
  • It is fulfilling to think that I can say something to the world (through film)
  • I need to do something that involves creativity
I also have a few concerns:
  • Will I be able to sustain consistent employment?
  • Will the hours interfere with family life so much that it could be detrimental?
  • Will I be able to work with people who don't share my values and still stay strong?
After weighing the concerns I have decided that it is better that I do something I enjoy because if I am unhappy at work, that could carry over to family life. I feel that the medium of film is only expanding in its use and that there are plenty of opportunities. I think that if I did find it overly difficult to work with people who didn't share my values, there are opportunities in the church and other options such as starting my own production company.

Lots of people here look down on people going into liberal arts. Liberal Arts students are the butt of a lot of jokes here, but I really respect the people that have the guts to do it. It is not easy to go after your dream when the world defines success as money. It would be a lot easier to study business like everyone else and work in an office somewhere. There are a lot more concrete paths to take. As I've matured however, and after meeting people from all walks of life, I have a different vision of success.

If I'm happy, I'm successful. Right now, for example, I am a college student. I have no car. I pretty much spend what I earn on food, housing, and school. There isn't a whole lot to my name in the world. But I'm happy. I have what I need. The fact is, we will always want more no matter how much we have. So, I choose to be happy over insuring that I will have a 6-figure salary. If you are lucky enough to be someone whose passion just so happens to be rewarded with lots of money- that's wonderful.

I just really hope that things will go well and that I will be accepted. I have my heart set on it.

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