Saturday, May 30, 2009

My strengths/weaknesses?

So I took this signature strengths test at this site and found it to be pretty accurate I think. According to this 240 question test (yeah, it's long) My top strengths are:

#1 Citizenship, teamwork, and loyalty
#2 Leadership
#3 Appreciation of beauty and excellence
#4 Honesty, authenticity, and genuineness
#5 Humor and playfulness

Now, this test lists them as 24 strengths, but I assume that, just as the top 5 are the ones we should focus on using and applying, the last 5 are not really that strong. haha. They are:

#24 Love of learning (Which I don't think is right)
#23 Capacity to love and be loved (yeah)
#22 Self-control and self-regulation
#21 Gratitude
#20 Caution, prudence, and discretion

Well, it is interesting anyway.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Leave me alone

I want to complain about work for a second. People are really lazy... and most the time that's why they come up to me and ask questions. Problem is, I'm lazy too and really don't care to answer dumb questions. Some are simple and just require a little effort... like, opening up an internet browser and going to the library home page and typing the name of the book you are looking for all by yourself. That's too much for a lot of people.

Some questions involve technology... you know, that thing that made us so lazy in the first place. For example... "the computer in the technology room isn't working." Okay... well, not quite. It works just fine, it just isn't connecting to the internet. So, I look at the unplugged network cable on the ground and plug it in while three guys sit there bewildered. "Oh," they say, "I would've figured it was wireless." Well, I think the problem really is that you didn't figure at all.

Then there are the people who don't bother to bring their id card, and get impatient when sending their print job manually and charging their account takes longer than they thought. Well, bring your card next time folks-- believe me, I don't get high over finding your one job out of 200 and manually charging your account. Save us both some time and frustration.

I am pretty sure the library has a blog. I nominate this entry to be posted. What do you think?

Wow- I was just asked if I work here. I should have said no.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


First off... it is a really good thing none of you talked to me this morning. I was SO angry. I woke up to the sound of a vacuum cleaner at about 7:00am. I gave up by 7:30 and decided I might as well clean too if I'm not going to be able to sleep. If you could have been in my head this morning you'd feel pretty rotten. Everything was BLEEP this and BLEEP that. Good thing I don't actually speak that way.

Okay- now, after that side note, I'll get to the part I actually wanted to write about. So in my angry state, I began to come up with a character sketch for a story. This boy is in his mid to late teens, and like most teenagers, he's a pretty angry kid. He's had it really rough growing up though. Dad in jail, mom-so concerned with saving the world and the people in it, overlooked her own son and ended up "helping" someone who didn't want to be helped. Now, I already have a beginning to the story, and this isn't part of it, but the kid is waking up and dressing for something that turns out to be his mom's funeral (which we actually don't find out until much later).

Basically this kid has never had anyone to count on and no one to count on him. So now I need to develop the story more. I only have a rough outline. Throughout the present morning, we are taken back to earlier times in his life that help us sympathize with this otherwise bitter and unlovable kid. Sounds like kind of a sad tale... but it gets better. Later, in the present day, something happens that is really significant. I haven't figured out what that is yet. I want it to be something simple... something people would normally overlook as really ordinary... yet it has to be meaningful enough to this kid and his story that it SAVES him. He finds hope for the first time.

I really like coming-of-age stories and I also like realism. What is real isn't always the most pleasant thing to look at and consider. In fact, it almost never is. I mean, look at what we do to our world. Most the time, when we portray it, we make it much more remarkable and improve reality. We use things like photoshop to exaggerate the world around us. We use computers to create ideal landscapes. We write blogs and post pictures on facebook that seem to portray a much more exciting life than we actually lead. Well, anyway- we tend to pull beautiful paintings over our eyes and want to believe in them so badly that many of us actually think it is true.

Now I am not saying there is nothing of beauty in the world. There is. We just tend to want to make them more than what they really are. But I am also a fan of this alternate reality. I love the idea of improving reality a bit. I think it is really cool.

Anyway, this story will begin very real. To the point that it might seem extreme to people who've lived sheltered lives such as myself. But it will be uplifting at the end. I might even allow it to turn very stylistic in it's portrayal something that is better than reality. I don't know yet. So yeah- there is my story.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Afternoon Thunder Storms

As much as I love them... they kind of throw off my groove a little.

First off... I can't wash my car unless I feel like throwing money in the garbage. So it is nasty and dirty.

Second... I can't even out my farmers tan I acquired while shooting "Lest we Forget" because it seems that every time I see that the sun is out and I decide to get a few rays by the pool, the clouds roll in.

Third... The rain is always dirty because it only rains a little... so i feel like I need to shower if it rains on me.

Forth... I really like lightning... but you can't really see it in the afternoon anyway.

However, yesterday I went running up Provo Canyon. The first 2 miles or so were sunny and kind of hot. Then on my way back, huge rain drops followed big gusts of wind. By that time, my car was in a covered lot, I didn't care for a tan as much as I cared to be cooled off, and I was already dirty and needed a shower. So it made for an exciting run. I was lucky enough not to be hit by falling branches and I got to run in the rain.

Monday, May 18, 2009

My up tos

I really don't have much to talk about at the moment.. but I decided that maybe I could quickly blog about what I've been up to and what I plan on being up to this summer.

First of all, I am kind of a work-a-holic this summer. So far I've worked two 60 hour weeks. I have two jobs. I work at the BYU Harold B. Lee Library as a multimedia consultant/computer assistant/general reference assistant. My duties mostly have to do with answering people's questions. I also teach classes on how to use creative software.

I also work for this small production company as an editor. It is kind of free-lance work. I don't have a certain number of hours I work. I just get called up when they have projects that they want me to take on. Their biggest client is Omniture and so I am am often editing the company's training videos-- which are incredibly boring.

Last weekend I finished working on a film titled "Lest We Forget" directed by Courtney Branning, who is awesome. It was a fun project and I think it will turn out really good.

I am also planning on some vacations this summer. One trip I am looking forward to is going to Moab to go whitewater rafting and hiking through Arches National Park next month. I went last year and loved it. I'm also going home in August as I always do so I can get some beach time before I come back to Utah. I may be going to Oregon for a few days as well to do some hiking and stuff. I haven't quite decided.

I also have a few other projects I am working on. I am editing the film "El Maldito," finishing up my mission book, which I started last summer, and restoring some pictures from my grandma's life. I also want to develop an idea for a film that I want to direct before I graduate.

So I have specific things I want to accomplish this summer. #1 Earn Money, #2 Finish Projects, #3 Have fun, #4 Start new projects. I am working a lot so that I can begin to buy my own work station. It'll cost around $7,000 for everything that I want. I don't know that I will be able to get it all this summer, but I can at least try. I also want to pay off my braces and maybe get my windows tinted- the summer is hot. I also need to save some money for a cruise. My family has decided to do Christmas Caribbean style this year. My mom said she'd buy my ticket, but I want to do it myself.

I really want to be successful in film. I hope that this summer will help me get there.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Achilles Heel

So the myth goes something like this...

When Achilles was a baby, his mother, Thetis, dipped him in the river Stxy to make him immortal... or at least make his skin impenetrable. Unfortunately, she was dipping him while holding onto his heel and she forgot that one part of his body.

Achilles became a great warrior against the Trojans. He was an unstoppable force. That is, until an arrow was shot into his heel. This was the fall of Achilles.

- that's all