Friday, May 29, 2009

Leave me alone

I want to complain about work for a second. People are really lazy... and most the time that's why they come up to me and ask questions. Problem is, I'm lazy too and really don't care to answer dumb questions. Some are simple and just require a little effort... like, opening up an internet browser and going to the library home page and typing the name of the book you are looking for all by yourself. That's too much for a lot of people.

Some questions involve technology... you know, that thing that made us so lazy in the first place. For example... "the computer in the technology room isn't working." Okay... well, not quite. It works just fine, it just isn't connecting to the internet. So, I look at the unplugged network cable on the ground and plug it in while three guys sit there bewildered. "Oh," they say, "I would've figured it was wireless." Well, I think the problem really is that you didn't figure at all.

Then there are the people who don't bother to bring their id card, and get impatient when sending their print job manually and charging their account takes longer than they thought. Well, bring your card next time folks-- believe me, I don't get high over finding your one job out of 200 and manually charging your account. Save us both some time and frustration.

I am pretty sure the library has a blog. I nominate this entry to be posted. What do you think?

Wow- I was just asked if I work here. I should have said no.


Maren said...


Shuffle, Shuffle, Shuffle...

Bruce said...

I really like that warning sign. I think I want one of those.

Lindy said...

This entry is pretty awesome. I'm glad I don't have your job. :D

Melese said...

Man Jonathan, you always come up with these great comics to illustrate your point. I think I giggled the entire way through. Kyle was thinking of applying for a job there - so a. is it possible to acquire one (a job) at this time? and b. does he really want to do that to himself? :) Thanks for the laughs.

Miss Scarlet in the Conservatory said...

OH man. I can totally relate! You know, I've considered very seriously, on several occasions, starting a blog of just the stupid things people do at work. And I could fill the blog--I'd have several entries a day. Sometimes it pays off, though--yesterday a lady gave me a candy bar for helping her!