Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Afternoon Thunder Storms

As much as I love them... they kind of throw off my groove a little.

First off... I can't wash my car unless I feel like throwing money in the garbage. So it is nasty and dirty.

Second... I can't even out my farmers tan I acquired while shooting "Lest we Forget" because it seems that every time I see that the sun is out and I decide to get a few rays by the pool, the clouds roll in.

Third... The rain is always dirty because it only rains a little... so i feel like I need to shower if it rains on me.

Forth... I really like lightning... but you can't really see it in the afternoon anyway.

However, yesterday I went running up Provo Canyon. The first 2 miles or so were sunny and kind of hot. Then on my way back, huge rain drops followed big gusts of wind. By that time, my car was in a covered lot, I didn't care for a tan as much as I cared to be cooled off, and I was already dirty and needed a shower. So it made for an exciting run. I was lucky enough not to be hit by falling branches and I got to run in the rain.

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Melese said...

Running in the rain.. i really enjoy doing that. :) I've noticed though (the past couple days) that the storms are coming in like clockwork. 4 o'clock each time and it lasts for about twenty minutes - so just hang on to your beach towel til it passes. :)