Monday, March 31, 2008


The other day I was eating lunch in the Library lunch room and these three students, who were obviously not employees, came in to buy food from the vending machines. There is one vending machine that is like a bunch of rotating dessert trays stacked on top of each other and it requires you to rotate it to the food you want, put your money in and open the door to reach in to a compartment and grab what you bought. Well, this kid rotated it so that you could have access to two compartments when you opened the door. He reached in, grabbed two items and exclaimed, "Hey! It gave me two for the price of one!" His friends responded by saying how lucky he was.

Does anyone see anything wrong here? I mean, it isn't like it is a machine that drops the food into a pick-up box and it dropped two items. He actively chose to reach into both compartments and get two items. It didn't "give" him two, he stole one. It just shocked me a little.

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