Thursday, April 3, 2008

E-Mail from Moon

The other day I got an e-mail from a Korean missionary that I lived with towards the end of my mission. His last name is Mun (pronounced moon). He was so fun. When I lived with him he had just started his mission and I was always so impressed by his strength to be out on the streets talking to people. I went on exchanges with him a couple times and it was always a good experience.

Moon stutters. It is very difficult for him to talk when he isn't completely comfortable with you. Out on the streets people would look at him funny and say things like "what?" "Are you Korean?" "Why can't you speak?" Often times the people would turn to his companion (who was me on the exchange) and we would explain what Moon was trying to say. It was just an interesting situation. I always thought it had to be so much easier for Koreans to serve in Korea, yet in this situation, a foreigner was better able to teach in this difficult language.

Moon was an amazing missionary. It would definitely get him down now and then because of comments people would make about his speech. But he always went out and did his best, day after day.

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