Monday, April 7, 2008

A Cake and Vitamin Water

So I was eating lunch in the library employee lunch room and this girl had a whole cake in front of her and a bottle of vitamin water. That's it. Cindy informed me the other day that the "vitamin water" is packed full of sugar. I just found it a little funny, albeit disgusting that a cake was being supplemented with sugar water. (I have a picture to post later- yay for cell phones).

It's April 7th and it snowed larger snow flakes than I've ever seen. Ridiculous! And this is going to sound really mean, but I almost threw up when these two students in my religion class announced they were engaged and then proceeded to detail where and how he asked her. This is the readers digest version: Temple Square: Assembly Hall: Star of David: Triangle of Trust. Yeah. If you need more details, let me know when I am not so nauseous.

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Morebadger said...

yeah! I hate ridiculous engagements, If I ever get engaged, it will probably be at some random time when I'm walking or dancing or something.