Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No Guts

Okay, so yesterday I ran into three different girls that I would have really liked to ask for their number. How many did I ask? Zero. I don't know what it is, I just don't have the guts. Last night (which was really this morning at 2am) it would have been easy. I was working and helping this girl with her project and we had been talking for 30 minutes. No one else was there, she was cool and easy to talk to, and it would have been easy. I blew that opportunity. I've tried to find her on facebook and BYUs directory, but can't seem to find her.

In other news, last night I went with my roommate Tyler to Sonic and there was this 40 something woman running from the kitchen to the various cars (in the freezing cold) bringing them their food and receipts. I felt so bad for her. Anytime I see a woman in a job like that I feel bad. It seems like men have more control over what happens in their life and that if they work that job, it is their own fault. Women have to place trust in a man that he will support her through life. That doesn't always happen though.

After thinking about it, I would really like to do a documentary on her life. Not long. I would just ask if I could follow her as she goes through a day and splice together a 10 minute (or less) film of her life. It would be mostly observational, but she would be encouraged to talk to the camera about what is on hr mind. I'd even offer to pay 100 bucks for her to do it.

Why? I feel like her story needs to be heard. I feel like it would say something about the human condition and society today. It would make people more aware of those around them. If nothing else, it would help people be greatful for what they have.

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Morebadger said...

true dat Jon. True dat