Saturday, January 31, 2009

Busy- but happy

This week has been one of those really cram-packed weeks where I can't get everything done that I'd like to. However, it has also been an awesome week. I got a job as an editor for a local company. Right now I am working on editing training videos for a Web Analytics Corporation. Not the most exciting thing, but definitely good experience and money. So now I work that job on top of the 24 hours I work at the library and 14 credits of school. That can be hectic. Right now it is located in springville, so it takes 20 minutes there and back.

I've also been hanging out with a girl I met when I went home for Christmas and we've had a lot of fun. Well, I've had fun. She has kind of had a crappy couple of weeks.

So basically it's been a really good week and I'm really tired.


Callie Mae said...

Talking about me on your blog eh? haha ;)(Or maybe your talking about some other girl whose had a crappy couple of weeks... who knows!)But for the record, I've had a lot of fun too silly!

Im stoked for you about your new job! You still have to let me take you out to celebrate ;)

deRek and bRitt said...

congrats on your new job! That's awesome. Sounds like you are pretty busy...After reading about your day...I think I will stop complaining about my measly 8 credit hours and working full time...your basically doing double!! cRAZy!!

Willi said...

ehhh... i'm working on coming up with a few to post online. most of them i'd rather not have my friends and family read haha but i love when other people do!