Saturday, January 17, 2009

The 9 Overlapping Arches of Life

In my business lecture class the professor was talking about the "Science of Happiness" and outlined characteristics of happy people. One of the things that the most happy people had in common was that they are involved in something the believe is bigger than themselves and they tend to describe their daily work as a "calling" rather than a job or career. So how do you pick your calling?

He gave us three questions to ask ourselves:

1. What do you really enjoy doing?
2. What provides you with a sense of purpose?
3. What are you good at? What comes naturally?

Look for answers that overlap all these questions.

Then he gave a list of 9 "Overlapping Arches of Life" or in other words, "sweeping callings" and asked us to pick the one that moves us:

1. Feed the Hungry
2. Clothe the Naked
3. Heal the Sick
4. Comfort the Lonely
5. Liberate the Captive
6. Educate the Ignorant
7. Spread truth
8. Increase Beauty
9. Heal or Promote Families

It wasn't hard for me to choose the one that best suited me. Mine is to Increase Beauty. It is consistent with the things I've done and the things have always enjoyed and have gained purpose out of throughout my life. What is your calling?


Melese said...

Hey I was just thinking as you mentioned that you enjoy increasing beauty - and I was reminded of the movie you made for your had red shoes in it I think...odd thing to remember, but oh well. Anyway, I think you should post that movie. I remember really liking it, and I'd like to see it again, that's all. =)

Brensters said...

So you posed the question "What is Your Calling?" Out of the nine I have come to know that my calling would be Comfort the Lonely. Reminded me of a story when I was young. Thanks for the blog very interesting class your taking!