Monday, January 12, 2009

Business/Economic Majors?


So I am a film major... and proud of it. You know, I wish with all my heart that what I loved to do was something solid and profitable. But it isn't. And believe me, I tried quite a few paths before I finally chose to do what I really enjoy. Still, I cannot just major in film and disregard the possibility that it isn't the most stable foundation for a career. For this reason, I am also minoring in business.

This semester I am in Economics 110. So far I find it to be a pretty good class... other than the fact that the people who take the class annoy the heck out of me! There are so many of those people who just love to hear themselves talk in this class. And that is all they are- all talk. They will blurt out an answer before the professor has a chance to explain it, just to appear like they know what they are doing. Well, hate to say it, but so far it has all been really easy.

Then you have the people that make comments like, "is that all you are going to ask on the question? It seems too easy!" Even know I know that same person took 4 times longer to do the problem with the help of his more knowledgeable neighbor than it took me. Then he'll express disappointment when "we [didn't] get to graph it." It just makes me nauseous. One of the problems involved the Jonas Brothers and how they spend their time. The amount of time they could work was limited to 4 hours each. To that someone next to me responded with sarcasm- "like everyone in the entertainment business." Well, so far I'm not too impressed with these business majors either. Is it too much to ask for some respect? Choosing a liberal arts major isn't an easy choice. It takes courage to study what you love to hopefully have a career that you are passionate about.

I like the people that are in my program. Sure, some are a bit eccentric or a little too liberal, but I can work with them and respect them. I enjoy having class with them. There isn't any of this nasty competition and trying to be the best and stand out from your peers. It involves working together and using each of your talants to create story or art or history. Maybe this is a confirmation that I am going into the right field for me.


Lindy said...

I totally agree! I can't tell you how many times I've had people tell me I'll be asking people, "Do you want fries with that?" because I chose a liberal arts degree. But you have to do what you love or else school is boring and pointless.

Melese said...

Amen Jonathan. I think secretly their jealous because they hate their subject, and aren't brave enough to do something they actually love rather than something "practical". Lamos. All of em'.

Bruce said...

Good post, Jonathan. I like the comment about courage: it certainly does take a lot of it to do what you love, even when it's not the most popular or most lucrative. It's definitely worth living life that way, though.