Sunday, January 11, 2009

Just Friends?

SO I never did write about that last post. Oh well. I'm not sure it is entirely possible to just be friends with the opposite sex. It seems there is some tension there. For some reason, I have always had a small group of friends that I am always with. I have never been one of those "friends with everyone" type of people. But eventually I feel like things get messed up with the friendships I form and I have to find another group of friends to hang with and start over.

I heard some very valid remarks about guys who hang out with girls but don't ask them out. The question was, how is it that guys think certain girls are awesome and hang out with and talk to them all the time and get their ego boosted by them and never ask them out?

I thought this was a very good point and it made me wonder if I should fix the way I fill my need for friendship. I kind of end up feeling like a bad friend. At the same time I have certain thoughts about the situation that is contrary to this opinion.

First, just because I think a girl is awesome and smart and all that good stuff- even if I find her attractive- It doesn't mean there is that special spark. I enjoy the company of intelligent attractive girls because we have fun conversation and share like interests. Second, say you do like one girl in the group. Well, you can try that out... but it could cause bitterness. And if it ends then you loose a lot of good friendships. It just happens that way.

Maybe I'm just selfish. I think there might be plenty of those who would say I'm not such a good friend. I'm sorry for that. Really. And I don't try to frustrate girls I hang out with.

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