Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Drama Takes The Fun Out

I am going to write a little blurb on drama and how it sucks the happiness out of everything. I'm not talking about stage plays and movies. I'm talking about the "he-said she-said and so blah-blah-blah" kind of drama. It makes me want to vomit.

I am a pretty easygoing person. True, I stress about some things- grades, oral hygiene, etc. But when it comes to relationships with people... CHILLAX!! I've been in the middle of drama when I didn't want to be too many times. It isn't worth it. Everything doesn't have to be made into such a fiasco. There doesn't have to be an equation for everything.

One thing I really like about Callie (hi Callie- I know you are reading this), is that there is absolutely no stress. We can talk about things openly without worrying about what the other person thinks and we don't make anything into a huge deal. It's nice. She's easygoing as well.

I think that in our culture (Mormon culture), the whole drama thing is intensified. It makes for a very uninviting atmosphere. Everyone puts so much emphasis on relationships and so they are all completely stressed out about it. They stress to the point where they decide to "boycott" the other sex, or keep some sort of record of boys/girls that they don't like or were offended by. Come on people! It is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. If it is stressful it stops being fun.

Wheew... sorry. That's all for now.


Lindy said...

I totally concur! I hope that I haven't caused too much drama in your life, though I'm sure I've contributed some. I do think it's funny that my post inspired your post, though...

Lindy said...

Oh, and by the way, I think I'm in favor of the rock bucket going the way of the Do-Do. ;)

Melese said...

Haha, where in the world did you get that picture? Hilarious. And yes, I agree... to an extent.:) There were many times that my roommates and I burned things - pictures usually - of the person that had refused us, those are some of my favorite memories. Burning is always fun ;)But as a rule, yes, drama sucks and should be avoided at all costs ;)

Brensters said...

So I have not heard Chillax in a very long time. The First time was when my mom used it. I was what in the world! Anyways...I hate to think that drama will always follow us. I hate drama in general myself. I do think the same thing about the culture intensifies it more.