Friday, September 19, 2008

How Annoying

So I am taking STAT 221, because I just love statistics. Not really. I actually used to like math and then one day, (I swear it happened over night), I hated math. Anyway, it is a requirement for my business minor. So earlier this week, I sat in front of these girls who talked like the whole class. This really bothers me. I think, "if you are just going to talk the whole time, why come to class and disturb everyone around you- DON'T COME!" Well, I held it in and didn't say anything.

So then today, they end up sitting right in front of me and start chatting away again. I think it is so rude and selfish. I am paying to be there and it is my education too. I lasted about half the class without saying anything. When the teacher started talking about a new concept that I needed to hear though, I couldn't hold back. I asked them if they were planning on talking through the whole class and I left and found a seat far away from them so I could hear. They stopped talking, but it took me a minute before I could regain my focus. So agrivating! Go back to high school where no one takes anything seriously. 


deRek and bRitt said...

I'm so sorry! That is annoying! How big is the class? I've only been to schools with small classes and if someone is talking the teacher will usually request they shut it! But if you in a big class I bet he might not have even noticed.
Good luck with math though! I usually hate math unless I understand it! Then I love it! But most of the time I really don't get it. Math & I just don't get along!

Jonathan said...

Yeah, math is not the most exciting subject. It is a huge class.

cindy said...

way to stick it to 'em jon. I enjoyed your last severla posts.

joyciebear said...

i smiled and almost felt as though I were living vicariously through you when i read that you didn't hold back anymore!!!