Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Gym Explaination

First of all. Thanks to everyone who comments on my blog posts. It really helps motivate me to write. I mean, sure- I guess there is the whole therapeutic writing idea, but that just isn't enough to motivate me. I try to comment on other people's blogs for this same reason. People want to know they are being heard right?

Okay, so I bought a membership to Golds Gym (for the next two years) recently. I never considered myself to be what I call a "gym-person." You know the ones. They spend every spare minute at the gym. Well... I'm not spending every spare minute... but like 10 hours a week. There are two reasons for this:
  1. I fronted them $500 so that I never have to see a bill for two years
  2. My metabolism is finally slowing (i think)
So, the money is a big motivator right now. I want to use that gym as much as a I can to get my penny's worth.

Also, and hopefully this helps explain the pictures, I've been skinny all my life. A long time ago, back in high school, I had a gym membership. It did nothing. No matter what I did I could not gain any weight. This held true for, like, a decade! Well... not including pre-highschool years where the weight I gained was due to growth.

I could eat however much I wanted of anything I wanted and I'd loose a pound. Well folks, I'm here to tell you- those days are over. I believe my metabolism is actually starting to slow. I can still eat as much as I want, but it allows me to put on weight if I want to.

So, I am secretly proud that I am starting to look like more than a bean pole. I mean, I'm still thin, but I am not one of those skin-and-bones people. Eww. Just kidding- I was one of those people for YEARS!

This explains the picture. Normally I wouldn't post a picture that is so posed (I don't even take pictures like this- normally). But I know the only people who read this are close to me, which means I don't care if you make fun of me. Plus... maybe in six months I can take new pictures and it can be like one of those before/after promotions. I just got my membership last week. In six months, I will post another picture. Hmm... I should probably take one in a normal standing position in bad light and no make-up just like the ads. Just kidding... I don't wear make-up, exept for on Halloween. Thought I'd clarify that (kinda have to these days). But I probably should take one with me standing straight... stay tuned.

ps Ten things will continue shortly...


joyciebear said...

i like that picture. the lighting is very natural. i'm starting to think i should invest in a gym membership as soon as i'm able to go without my walking cast. i've gotten fatter than i already am after being 3 months with a broken foot. haha. but congrats on working on feeling confident with your body. its most important to feel confident because the way you see/feel about yourself is how people will see you. i tried clicking on rosa's link but it was being all funky :(

Rosalinda said...

hey papi i just
wanted to holla at you for a minute to let you know how fly u lookin in that sexy new pic of yours. Please baby keep uploading them, I get excited. If you keep this up, maybe I'll just have to marry you.
Oh papi.... yo face!

I See Badgers said...

yo, wife beater eh? Have fun at the gym. I've been trying to pick up swimming, so far I'm 2x for 2days. I'll let you know how far I get.

Michelle said...

PS i just wanna announce that this picture almost made me pee!!!!
you are soooo fine

Michelle said...

PS: yes i do pee my pants when i see someone exceptionally attractive, somewhat like you picture, yes i admitted yet another secret. Wow the uses of this blog are limitless.

deRek and bRitt said...

you know what...I really wish that I had kept going to the gym maybe I would look better than I do....oh well.jk. but seriously!!! I like your ten things posting! I need to be a little more creative!