Monday, September 29, 2008

First Test of the Semester

So my schedule today was as follows:

10:00-11:00am STAT 221
12:00-4:00pm Work
4:00-6:00pm STAT 221 TEST
6:00-12:00am Work

Yeah, I know- horrible. So I am at work right now, eating dinner. But, I wanted to announce to everyone that despite missing a weeks worth of STATs I just got a 98% on my test. Wahoo! This was very good news because the outlook for this week doesn't look so good. I have another test that I feel very unprepared for coming up, which means I will be attending horribly long review sessions. This means that I don't have a single open night to relax. Hopefully it will all pay off and I will get another A. I guess I wouldn't care SO much, but I am currently going to school for half the price because of my academic scholarship. I would very much like to keep it, or get a full academic scholarship next year.
So I have a side story about Sonic and how the people there are trying to distroy my life. So on Saturday night I went with Jeff, Jessie, Michelle, Rosalinda, and Lucy to this music/art festival. Afterwards, we went to Sonic to get ice cream/ a bite to eat. Well, I wasn't really hungy- just a little hungry... and I like Sonic's onion rings. So Michelle tries to order them for me and they say they are out. So I decide to get mozarella sticks instead (when were like 2 dollars more than the onion rings). I sit down and they bring out onion rings to Jessie. I'm like- "WHAT?!" After explaining to the lady that they told me they were out, she rolls her eyes and says "their being stupid." Later she gives me onion rings (for free). But, when I ask for ketchup she replies, "we're out." GRRR! Then Michelle asks some other guy for ketchup and they bring some out. It was a difficult night.


joyciebear said...

You should have asked the lady "Are you being stupid, too?"

...and this is yet another reason as to why In N Out is better! :)
Maybe they're just sexist and dont like to serve ketchup and onion rings to men.

I See Badgers said...

hah! those dang teenagers trying to have fun at work again :)

Michelle said...

This blog made me laugh...pretty much with a giant smirk on my face. I don't really know why u didnt get the onion rings initially becuase I ordered them for u. The ketchup thing... don't get too excited- he owed me a favor (me and that sonic worker go way back. Ok maybe not. I'm sorry that you didn't get what u wanted. PS thanks for ur schedule, u make this stalking thing so much easier. However, I must mention I always go to the lib and never see u there.

Michelle said...

come visit and show me how to use it.
Ps u have an open invitation to my apt, but im not guaranteeing ill always be there. No worries, my apt loves visitors and u and jeff and bruce are invited at any time :)