Friday, September 26, 2008

10 Things (cont.)

#5 Frosting

I don't like frosting. With the exception of the chocolate frosting you can buy at the store (in little plastic containers by the cake mix) if it is put on chocolate cake. I will scrap off excess frosting on anything else. Oh wait- cinnamon rolls are another exception.

#6 Kissing

Okay. This one is actually very embarrassing. Count yourselves lucky that I trust you all with this information. The only girl I've kissed was in elementary school. That's right. When I was little I was like in love with this girl haha. I thought I'd marry her one day. Well, anyway- I never dated in high school, and I've never had a relationship that was sustained long enough for me to go for it.

Don't get me wrong- I'd love to. There are many times where I've wanted to, but I was a coward and kissed the girl on the head or check. Awkward. I don't know what it is. Well, I have a few ideas. First- what if I'm bad? I can't be good because I've never done it. Second, I usually want to kiss girls I actually like (I know, weird) and I'm afraid of messing up or scaring them off. Third, I'm really not confident in boy-girl relationships. Growing up, the girls I liked never liked me back. The girls who would have (and asked to) kissed me made me want to vomit.

There have been times in college where I was almost desperate enough to "practice" with a girl friend. Weird. The only time I had the courage to go for it was when I was in elementary school!

I think another reason for this is the dating world here at college. It isn't like you normal college. I feel like if I kiss a girl I have to have a real commitment to her. Most girls expect that here. Even holding hands is something you don't do unless you are pretty interested. I secretly want an experimental relationship that doesn't have to mean anything. Is that bad? I want to be able to kiss a girl without the word "marriage" rolling around in her head. Well, this is my dilemma. How embarrassing...

#7 Shaving

So, I never use an electric razor. Why? Because they don't give a close enough shave. I will spend quite a chunk of time shaving my face, going against the grain and pulling the skin tight so I can get as close as possible. I always cut my self around the jaw line. It never feels good. I just want a close shave dang it! Then I go two or three days without shaving and repeat. Someone needs to come up with a better system for shaving. Less painful preferably.


joyciebear said...

i think i'm going to have to follow in your footsteps and write about my quirks too haha. i definitley agree with the frosting thing. chocolate is the best. i like the light frostings...the whipped cream kind. anything else is too sweet and makes me gag.

Michelle said...

just wow.... I feel like I've learned more about you from this post than from the entire span of our relationship. Would you like me to look for a subject for your "experimenting"? Lucy would be happy to oblige.

joyciebear said...

i was thinking about your frosting thing again and i like bald cupcakes.
check out jim gaffigan's stand up comedy on "cake"

I See Badgers said...

Shaving tips from a badger:

1)shave everyday or every week there is no in-between. This is because your face is used to being shaved the day before so it won't hurt as much or your face hasn't been shaved in a while and you will get a very close shave.

2)always shave right after a shower or in the shower. The steam exfoliates your skin, your pores are open, and your face feels good. Shaving during these times makes for a far less painful shave.

3)DO NOT SHAVE AGAINST THE GRAIN!!! It makes me want to cry just thinking about someone like you shaving your upper lip and chin area against the grain. OW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not nice to the face. nuff said.

Good luck!

Inspire with Style vinyl designs said...

Okay so I just want to say that more people than those close to you are reading this. I was looking for a frosting recipe and up pops your blog. I kept reading because well there is a gorgeous guy talking about frosting and kissing. I am shocked you haven't kissed you are absolutely adorable. I am married with four kids, and coincidentally LDS living in Georgia. If I were single I would kiss you. Go do it boy you aren't lacking in the appearance factor.