Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I had a few thoughts on music tonight as I ate dinner. I thought about how music can be such a complement to the world. I feel like it is at these times that I enjoy it most. Piano music at sunset while reading an old-fashioned type of English book. An intense and invigorating instrumental beat while driving through winding forest roads. A soft lazy tune on the couch during an afternoon thunderstorm. It can really help a person to experience the world in a fond sort of way.

Music can also be a distraction from the world. I suppose that this is very useful at times. Tonight I ate at a burger joint near campus at the bar. I had one earbud in but decided to take it out when I began to take interest in the conversation the grill cooks were having. One of the girls was being taught the ways of the grill by her coworkers. It must have been her first day. It was interesting to see how they explained how to present a corn dog vs. a corn dog on fries or about how when you know when to put food on a tray vs. just setting the food out for pick-up. They talked about what they liked doing best whether it be fries, grill, or "set-up." I found "set-up" particularly interesting because it was like their own language. I have no idea what that job entailed, but apparently it was someone's favorite thing to do at work.

It was then when a large group of preteen (oh, I guess they were older) girls decided to join me at the bar. This is when the ear buds went in and I realized that sometimes using music to shut out the world isn't so bad.

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