Thursday, April 2, 2009


One really difficult thing about doing anything artistic in a deadline atmosphere is that inspiration just doesn't come at the flip of a switch. I am trying to conceive an idea for a short film I am shooting on 16mm film. It is mostly experimental, but it is also expensive and I want it to turn out good. But we were given such a short amount of time and I have been so busy that I cannot think very well. Not to mention be creative. I will definitely be enlisting the help of friends.

I am so worn out right now it is amazing. Why do I get myself involved in so much? I think it is because I'm afraid of missing out on a good opportunity. I think it is also the result of my decision to go into film in the first place. It was hard for me to make the decision initially because I knew it was risky. Even though it was all I wanted to do. So now, I make up for that by working really hard and trying to do everything. This week I will probably work 40 hours on top of school and other projects. That is insane!

I am just hoping it will hall pay off in the end. I hope that I am getting the experience I need to become successful one day.

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Lindy said...

You work too hard not to be successful! And I'm glad inspiration seems to have hit. I'm willing to help whenever you need it.