Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight- the biggest bust in movie history

If anyone planned on seeing Twilight- do yourself a HUGE favor and don't. I bought tickets for the midnight showing for a birthday present for my friends Rosalinda. I wasn't expecting it to be good at all. I had very low expectations walking in and I was still disappointed. That should say something. I still had a good time because I was with friends and we laughed and talked before (and laughed during) the movie.

The thing that disappointed me most was how completely the filmmakers took advantage of their audience. They made a cheap film in a hurry and put little effort into making it even an okay film. If I were the filmmakers of this movie I would be embarrassed. I feel bad for the actors because they might get blame for what really is a badly written script. It could ruin their careers.

There were no redeeming qualities of the film either. It was bad all around. The editing, the cinematography, the music, the "special" effects, the dialog- EVERYTHING sucked. I especially despise whoever did the cinematography. The camera is always moving for no good reason. It is constantly doing rough, jerky 360's around the characters. It's as if the cinematographer was like, hey- I've always wanted to try this... can I do it as much as possible? The cinematography gave the film this surreal feeling that didn't work at all.

There is one sequence in the film that I thought was cool- the baseball scene. I also appreciated that rather than trying to make stupid dialog realistic, most the high school scenes were done in a way that said, "hey, here are a bunch of actors playing high school kids saying dumb things- isn't it funny?" It kind of made fun of itself almost, which was way better than if they tried to be serious about it.

I sincerely hope they DO NOT make another one. If they do, it better be a whole new team. I almost feel as if the project should be abandoned. Later, different filmmakers can try and revive it. Kind of like the two hulk movies. The first one was a bust and a couple years later they made a new one.


-that's all.


Brensters said...

I saw Twilight today with my family because they have all read the first book so we wanted to see the movie all together. After the movie was over we discussed our feelings on the movie. I think I am on the same boat. I think the chase and James coming after Bella was poorly done(along with other scenes). I did not get that feeling of fear for her or fear of her own life. It was kinda like James wants to kill me runaway go to the studio etc. I think the actors did best with what was given to them. I laughed at some parts that were so cheesy! My mom was informing me that major motion picture studios refused to do the movie. I know that a second one will be made just hope it is a new director and completely new team. Oh yeah and I hated the camera movement too made me a little sick. Also I think their focus was on the teenage girl audience who don't care how it is made as long as Edward is hot and is in the movie period. All they did when he was would scream and clap.

Kimberly said...

I'm so sorry about the big disappointment but glad to hear it from someone who I can trust their judgement and not being a boy-crazy fanatic, etc. I now know I don't need to go see it in the theatres and that it can definitely wait if I still feel like seeing it. Sorry again about the dissappointment. I hope that everything else is going well for you! What are you up to for Thanksgiving?

I See Badgers said...

Jon. You could do it man. Go for it. The new hulk was roughly 400% better that the old movie. Your new Twilight probably has room for a 500% improvement.

ps. If you do make it, I will come.

Michelle said...

you make me laugh.
My favorite part is the fact that you left a note to the filmakers. I wouldn't be surprised if they skimmed through blogs for dialogue. Except if they did that they prob would've gotten a tad bit of a better dialogue.

-good day :)

Melese said...

The fact that they even made a movie out of that book still astounds me. I've never been a fan. I read the first one a year or so ago to see what all the hubub was about and was shocked that it had such a hold over it's audience.
The thing is pretty much pathetic in my opinion. Really boring cliche writing, nothing interesting in the style and the characters themselves were shallow and the plot predictable. It's no surprise to me that the movie was such a disaster. Still, though Jonathan, a man with your talent could probably sway me. Just so long as you don't let Stephanie Meyers anywhere near the script ;)

PS I love the profile pic, you darn tan man, haha!!