Sunday, October 12, 2008

TV and Toilet Newspapers

So I feel the need to discuss two things I really don't like. First, since this is the subject bothering me at the moment, is TV. I'm not a fan. I don't understand how people can sit in front of it all day. I have really cool roommates, but there is one who really likes TV. He'll have the TV on and a laptop in his lap, maybe food next to him. The blinds are shut, and so is the living room it seems like.

Anyway, it isn't that I don't like some shows on TV (I normally watch those online), but I don't understand when it just has to be on. Even when there is nothing in particular you want to watch. Most of my college life, there hasn't been a TV in the apartment. I always like it better that way. I stopped watching TV in high school. It just doesn't appeal to me. I am more of a movie person. I'd also rather be out doing things with people rather than watching TV.

Now, something I really don't understand is when people take a newspaper with them into the bathroom. GROSS! I hate when I am in a public restroom and I hear the ruffle of newspaper in one of the stalls. Or, when entering a stall there is a newspaper on the toilet- SICK! I used to think that was only in cartoons. I'm not sure you are healthy if you have time to read a newspaper while going to the bathroom. It really shouldn't take that much time. I feel like the people who do this are the same ones that enjoy sitting in front of a TV all day with take-out in their laps.

I just saw WALL-E and the fat people floating around on their personal entertainment rafts were so disgusting (and funny). I wonder if there are people that saw that and thought, "cool! that would be so awesome!"


Michelle said...

haha. I couldn't agree with you more. I'm a fan of movies and sadly I haven't seen WAll-e. About the newspaper thing I think your a bit touchy, I mean who wouldn't delight in a good newspaper read on the toilet, since the living room is for TV and junk food? get real jonathan, it's ideal.

I See Badgers said...

good post my friend. You are getting pretty good at this.

keep on keepin' on.