Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I loved walking home from school today. I love the first time it gets windy in the fall because you get to walk through spirals of leaves blowing around you and hear the crunch sound under your feet as you step on them. There was this picturesque tree on a grassy hill as the sun was getting lower in the sky that I really wanted to take a picture of. Maybe later this week.

Anyway, I really love fall. I love Halloween. It is just sad that it happens so fast. You wake up one morning and all the leaves have changed color. I wish there was a way to slow it down.


Brensters said...

I love fall too! When I was up there for conference my friend and I went through Provo canyon and the leaves were changing colors it was so beautiful! You don't really get that here. Still feels like summer UGH!

Michelle said...

:D [huge smile in accordance]
im doing a photoshoot in the canyon with my sister and brother... and lucy :)This is the chance to do christmas cards ive never done- although its fall. Ps I will gather you leaves and post them on ur door

joyciebear said...

i envy your change of seasons that southern california sadly lacks. :(
and please please do take a picture of this tree. another idea for a picture...if your camera has adjustable shutter speeds, take a picture while the wind is blowing the leaves to give it that cool motion blur. oooh that works with the tree too when the breeze billows through the leaves :) i'm such a dork.