Thursday, May 15, 2008

All is well....

I just wanted to comment about the last week or so and the things that have been happening in the world. It seems unfair that we can live in such peace, sleeping in comfortable beds, eating full meals when there are so many that are suffering.

As I am sure most of you, if anyone reads this, knows about the horrible disasters that have happened on the other side of the world. The 7.9 earthquake in China blows my mind. I have been through some scary earthquakes, but they have all been in the 6 range. A 7.9 is 15 times as strong as any earthquake I have felt. I watched some footage on the earthquake and it was unbelievable how long the quake lasted. When the ground is shaking, it already feels like forever- but this one lasted at least a whole minute.

News reports are saying that 50,000 my be dead, or dying. I can't imagine what it would be like to be trapped in a pile of rubble- probably with no idea what happened. All those schools that collapsed- it's horrible.

Malaysia is a whole other story. Over 100,000 dead? That's insane! And the injured and homeless are controlled by a government that will not allow the world to come to their aid. What a horrible situation.

I watched the Kite Runner the other night with Jessica. It was an amazing, but sad movie. Not sad like the ending is sad. It was sad because of the horrible events it portrays and in a place so little understood by us westerners- the middle east. I would recommend this movie (or book, which I badly want to read now) to everyone.

Finally, a little closer to home (my home actually), in California, I read news that despite the popular people's vote to ban same-sex marriage the supreme court of CA has decided to recognize this union. It doesn't make since to me that despite the opinion of the majority, the high court would rule to approve of it.

It is really interesting to watch the current history of the world unfold with an eternal perspective and with religious education. We are so fragile as humans. Our whole society could be thrown into chaos within a few moments. As I think about the energy problem and the food problem throughout the world, I wonder if this could be it. Will the energy and food crisis be the factors that throw the world into utter chaos? Will even more war begin? It is unsettling to think about, but why should I live my life thinking all is well when all is not well. The events of this past week have really made me realize that I need to prepare myself today and not wait until an earthquake shakes up my world. Am I ready?

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Morebadger said...

good post. I agree. Be prepared, but don't be scared.