Thursday, July 23, 2009


So I went to see this low-budget indie-sci-fi movie in Salt Lake with some film friends and I really liked it. I was impressed with it. Very little money was spent on it, but it was really good. It played at Sundance where some of my friends saw it. It reminded me of a kind of sci-fi version of Cast Away except that I hated Cast Away. The character in this movie is just so interesting and complex that it works. Plus I was excited that they used the Korean word for love as the name of the moon-station and company.

Oh yeah, so it all takes place on the moon basically. And everything that is filmed on "the surface of the moon" was actually miniature models which we plan on using in an up-coming 3D Sci-fi space comedy. It was just exciting to see a good film made with little money and independent filmmakers.

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