Thursday, March 11, 2010

Going Home in April

Originally, I wasn't planning on going home until August (maybe)... but turns out things at home aren't going very well. So, off to CA I will be come a month from now.

My dog is dead. She was put to sleep last night. The story behind it all is kind of sad. She had congestive heart failure and had this cough that just kept getting worse and worse. She had water in her lungs and so basically coughed because she felt as if she were drowning. Well, medications and tests would cost hundreds of dollars and might only extend her life a few months or so. So my mom figured that they should put her down before it got too bad.

Well, my mom was told she had to go to the county "humane" society building rather than the city because we are not technically part of the city that our mailing address states. We are unincorporated. Well, this county place ended up not being very humane. My dog of course was fine the whole way there. Sticking her head out the window, looking around at the passing scenery. When my parents and sister got to the place and finished filling out paperwork they had them take her out back. My sister was crying loudly and my mom was teary because of my sister and everyone there just stared.

When they took my dog out back a man came out with a rope. My dog immediately showed her teeth and tried to bite the man and tried jumping up on my dad (she doesn't normally do this). It was like she knew what was coming. They take her in to a room with a bunch of kennels and put her in one and then start walking out with my family. My mom was pretty confused. She thought they would get to be there with her. At the time though, it was all so new to her and she just kind of asked... "well, what is going to happen." Meanwhile my sister is bawling, so my mom kind of uncomfortably allows them to take them back out while my dog sits alone awaiting her death by strangers.

When my mom was recounting this she was getting pretty depressed. She felt really bad and after the fact thought of all the things she should have done, but I think the blame is on the humane society. What a bunch of cruel and inhumane people! I mean, my dog obviously didn't like the people... were they mean to her? Was she forced down while they injected her? It was probably a very frightening last few minutes of her life where she felt completely abandoned. And then my family felt the same way.... guilty, no closure whatsoever. It is sad.


sadison said...

That is sad. That sounds like a very tramatic experience that I wouldn't want to go through.

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